Board of Directors

The Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI) is administered by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of up to 15 distinguished Freemasons elected to three-year terms by Grand Lodge of the State of New York, F.&A.M. Their selection is based upon their outstanding business and professional experience. They all serve the institute without compensation.

Board of Directors

Alvaro F. Quiroga-Sanchez – President 

Robert A. Hewson, DPM – Vice President

James D. Swan, Jr. – Secretary

Vincent Cunzio, CPA – Treasurer

Michael A. Chaplin, M.D.

David D. Goodwin

Peter R. Gray, M.D. Ph.D, FACC

Paul A. Guerrero, CMR

Pasquale Imbimbo, Jr.

Richard J. Miller Jr, Esq.

Virgilio S. Quijano

Sheldon B. Richman, Esq.

Francesco Santoni, M.D.

Laurence I. Sussman

Chairman of the Board

David F. Schneeweiss

Directors Emeritus

John P. Chang, R.Ph.

Paul N. O’Neill

Victor G. Webb

Albert J. Wright III